can you hear  the sound of a city that sleeps
shut your eyes  and see the magical journey
it´s you who dreams

sleep tight
feel right
think of whatever you want
dream of borders you´d never dared to bend 
fuck the world and do what u can’t
rip you’re pillow and build a castle of sand

drive your nascar
and race it hard
shoot your brother
upright his melon head
bone Angelina
do the doggy style
bite your lips now
and say goodbye
say goodbye

shut your eyes and see 
follow the path of light 
dive into the deep and fall a sleep

open your eyes and see
open your mouth an scream 

come with us
follow us on a juorney to a secret world
touch the fire get your body burned
see the eyes of the devil in a vigins face
call the bones of the people you´ve lost
don´t wake up join with us jump over the edge
it´s you who dreams

no one is listening
now jump
from the roof of your so called truth
touch your tongue
the taste
it´s your pure you who dreams

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